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Sierra Brava Lodge

Legendary Service, Great ValueManaging a buttoned down, seamless operation is a hallmark of the staff at Sierra Brava. The hunting areas and blinds are always neat and tidy (no small feat when you’re shooting 1,000’s of birds a day). The field lunch is every bit as good as dinner, which is always exceptional, thanks to a chef who cooks with only the best local food, paired with fine Argentine wines. Attention to detail and perfect execution is all managed in a very relaxed way. You’ll always remember the staff, shooting and service at Sierra Brava as among the best in Cordoba.Highlights

  • 15-minutes from largest roost in Cordoba
  • Record-setting Dove shooting
  • Tackle challenging high birds
  • Shoot on more than 160,000 acres
  • Reasonable rates, exceptional group discounts
  • Extremely efficient yet relaxed staff
  • Your home away from home
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