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Pine Hill Plantation

South Georgia’s premier quail hunting plantationIf quail hunting is anything, it is driven by tradition. And for those who believe in traditions, there is only one way to hunt quail… from horseback or mule-drawn wagon. Quail hunting from horseback is as deeply imbedded in the southern plantation psyche as grits and cornbread. The mule-drawn wagon is an iconic symbol of the grand plantation quail hunting social experience. For quail hunters, the pursuit of the revered little bird permeates every aspect of the vintage lifestyle of those who hunt it. Pine Hill Plantation preserves that lifestyle with no compromise. Short of owning your own plantation or being invited to a private plantation, there are few places where quail hunters can experience the lifestyle that has enthralled wingshooters for two centuries.Highlights

  • Vintage Georgia quail hunting from horseback & mule drawn wagon
  • Georgia’s best wild quail and early-season release quail hunting
  • Over 6,000 acres of natural quail habitat (long leaf pine timber with wiregrass understory)
  • Private, luxury plantation lodges
  • Ultimate privacy… your own private lodge
  • Private house staff and private dining
  • Lodges as nice as any private plantation
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