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While many Cordoba dove-hunting venues can promise thousands of birds to shoot, few can offer the easy access to the roost that Los Chañares can. The 9,000 acres of the estancia are situated within Macha, the largest and most well known roost in Cordoba. More than 20 million doves roost on or fly over the property on any given day. Which means it's any easy walk to the shooting grounds and back for lunch, a siesta or a sports massage after shooting all day. There's no better or more convenient way to shoot Argentine doves than at Los Chañares.

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Cordoba, Argentina
Game: Dove
20 million doves
If Argentine dove hunting is about anything, it’s about excitement - the excitement of an overwhelming quantity of wild birds flying non-stop all day long. A bird population in the millions is found adjacent to hundreds of acres planted in sunflower, wheat and sorghum, while a natural stream on the property was enhanced to provide a permanent watering hole. 100% action packed shooting takes planning too. More than 400 unique shooting stands offer everything from 20-yard incoming shots for first timers, to high-flying 45-50 yard crossing shots for the more accomplished gunner and there’s always an abundance of low flying doves that pass within 15-25 yards of the shooters.
  • 9,000 acres within the Macha roost
  • Walk to the shooting grounds
  • 400+ unique shooting stands
  • Shots for every level of shooter
  • Modern estancia built 8 years ago
  • 10 rooms with private bath
  • Top quality Argentine food and wine

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